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Before you contact us for Technical Support, please check the following items.

If you are having trouble pulling up your website or checking your e-mail, please check the following steps before you contact us:

  1. Can you pull up other websites on the Internet?
    Open Internet Explorer, and try to view other websites besides your website. If you cannot view any other websites, please see the next step. The problem maybe your Internet service. If you can pull up all other websites except your website, please see Step 4.

  2. Are you connected to the Internet?
    If you use dial-up Internet service, please check that you are connected to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you use DSL, Cable, or some other form of broadband Internet service, please check that your Internet is working. Sometimes, resetting your modem will restore Internet service.

  3. After connecting to the Internet or resetting you modem, you still cannot pull up any other website.
    The problem lies with your ISP, please contact them to help you resolve your issues.

  4. You can pull up all other websites except your website or e-mail.
    Open Internet Explorer, and try to pull up welovetexas.com. If you can pull up welovetexas.com but not your website, the problem is with with your specific site. If you cannot pull up welovetexas.com and your website, then the problem is with our system. You will more than likely need to contact us, but please proceed to the last step before you do.

  5. Clear your Internet Explorer's cache and history, and restart your computer.
    Sometimes, your computer will not travel the correct path along the Internet to get to your website, and then it remembers that the website is not working. By clearing your cache and history and restarting your computer, you force your computer to attempt to connect to your website again.
    To clear your cache and history:
    a) Click on Tools at the top.
    b) Click on Internet Options...
    c) Click on the button: Delete Files... to clear your cache and temporary Internet files.
    d) Click on the button: Clear History to clear your history.
    e) Close all windows, and restart your computer

  6. If you have tried all the above steps and you still cannot pull up your website or check your e-mail, contact us using one of the below methods.

Tech Support (Live Support):

Tech Support (After Hours):

  • Anytime after 5 p.m. and on Weekends
  • Complete the tech support form:
  • 254-629-3278 for emergencies such as your website or e-mail address not working

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